Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Alcocebre 10th October 2007 (Benicola - Peniscola)

Well the last full day in Alcocebre has arrived - we woke up a little earlier than usual today and set off to Benicola. We had a lovely walk around the town and through the market - they had the usual market with T-shirts, undies, shoes, socks, bags, leather jackets and what looked like second hand clothing. I bought another denim bag and we got Al some ¾ length pants for 2 euros !!!! They look quite good on him - now he just has to get a tan on his legs !!! I also landed up going back and buying a paella dish - I am sure that I will be able to find a recipe for this dish as I have really enjoyed it over here and it doesn’t seem to be that difficult to make - the biggest problem is going to be getting the spices I need. I would give just about anything to go back to Toledo for another meal there.

We also managed to find an internet place and managed to send an e-mail - I am sure that some people will probably only get the e-mail once we are back home again !!!!

On our way from the parking to the markets we came across a lady in a van selling churrerias filled with custard / chocolate or chocolate coated churrerias filled with custard. Al didn’t feel like one but Kaitlin and I weren’t going to pass up the opportunity to try them - she had a chocolate filled one and I had a custard filled one - well they were nearly as good as the donuts from the Farmer’s Market in Mudgeeraba !!!!!!!!! They were DELICIOUS - needless to say on the way back we stopped and had another one !!! I had the same again and Kaitlin had the chocolate covered one filled with custard. I said to Al I could have eaten at least 5 more - he wanted to go back and buy me more but I said no - my pants are already starting to feel a little snug and not next week but the week after I am definitely going to be back in weight loss mode - not sure what form it will take but it will be in some way, shape or form !!!!

We started to come back and then decided to stop off at Peniscola as Kaitlin had decided that she wasn’t too embarrassed any longer to try shoes on with a plastic bag on her feet and that was where the boots were that she had seen but wouldn’t try on with the bag. As it was on our way home, we went in and found the same shop again - Al parked on the corner and ran in with her while I stayed in the car to make sure we didn’t get towed away !!! He came out and said she wanted me to see them on before she made a decision so I ran in and in the end she decided to buy them. They are very nice looking boots and for 25 euros not a bad price. She wore them home (with her denim shorts !!!) and then proceeded to fall asleep a little later on the couch still wearing them !!!!

After we got home we all took our books and went and lay in the sun for a little while - Al lasted 20 mins on each side before he came back to the unit. I told Kaitlin to make note of this momentous occasion as I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever seen Al lie in the sun. Not long after she came back as the flies were bothering her and a little later I came back. I was thinking about it after they had left me at the pool - in the nearly 4 weeks we have been away we have probably sat in the sun for about a total of 2 hrs - we just haven’t had the time to do it - or rather I should say we thought it would be better use of our time doing something that we can’t do in Australia. I will be glad to get home to get away from the flies.

The other thing we have seen a lot of is cats - they roam everywhere but they don’t seem to be feral - not sure whether it is easier for people to keep cats in an apartment than any other animal (mind you we have seen plenty of people walking dogs in the middle of cities so they have to keep them in their apartments I suppose) - they do seem to be domesticated and don’t attack people walking past. Near the beach we saw someone had thrown food down for the cats that seemed to wander around the bush there. Tonight as we were eating dinner we saw some cats run down the road and then a little while later some kittens followed them - they looked so cute and then we were talking about when we got Gus and how big he was.

We just had an “Oh Sh*t” moment - I was sorting out my backpack and looked at the itinerary and saw that it had us leaving Madrid at 6am tomorrow and not Friday. Pulled out the itinerary and the tickets we got from Flight Centre only to find that the itinerary said Friday 12th October but the tickets said Thursday 11th October. The good thing is that we could have got to Madrid in time but it wasn’t when we were supposed to fly. I managed to find a number in Australia for Flight Centre (given that it is now 5am over there and nobody would be at the office where the tickets were issued) so we phoned and eventually spoke to someone who confirmed that we were on the flight on Friday and that the voucher was incorrect but that it wouldn’t be a problem - thank goodness for that !!!!! Did have a small heart attack while waiting to find out if we had to throw everything into the car and head for Madrid this minute or could take the drive we were expecting to take tomorrow !!!

This afternoon we took a walk along the beach although went a lot further than we normally walk (no exploring tonight although Kaitlin was going to look to see if the octopus was still there but when we wouldn’t go with her she decided not to go) and then found a restaurant which had a grilled vegetable starter which I said I was going to have as my main course. We came back to the unit and showered (Kaitlin was very pleased to be able to wear her new boots with her jeans) and then drove back to the restaurant which wasn’t open but the pub next door was open so we asked them what time the restaurant would open (menu said 7pm - midnight) and the guy said 10 mins so we sat and had a drink. Nothing opened and when we walked around we found a piece of paper on the door saying they weren’t opening on Wednesday (couldn’t work out if it was any Wednesday or just today) - I was incredibly sad as I had set my heart on having those vegetables !!!! So off into town we set - by now it was nearly 8pm and we were all a little hungry. We managed to find another place that did a vegetable dish and I had that - extremely delicious - Al had lamb chops with similar veggies and Kaitlin had chicken breast curry which came with the curry sauce separate and chips and some veggies as well. We had a really lovely last evening here.

Then we stopped off at the supermarket to get some drinks for the trip tomorrow (we were going to get some ice-creams but they only had 6 pack ones and we thought that 2 ice-creams each after such a lovely dinner would be a little piggy - rather have a McFlurry sometime tomorrow) before coming home and packing the suitcases (and sorting out our tickets !!!) Bags are all done and it is now time to go to sleep for our second to last holiday sleep. Tomorrow we will be up reasonably early so that we don’t have too much of a rush in getting to Madrid, going to the airport to see what we can sort out regarding seats (can we get emergency exit seats again) and then off to find some accommodation for the night (or half the night as we have to be at the airport at about 3am) - then a last couple of gifts we still need to buy (we saw things in Madrid but didn’t want to buy the first things we saw but since then keep saying - no I prefer the ones we saw there). Still haven’t decided whether to try to get an early night in the hope of getting some decent sleep before we leave or staying up later in the hope that we will be so tired we will sleep on the plane - will see if we have any luck with emergency seats as they do allow you to sleep a little better seeing as you have the extra leg room.

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