Thursday, October 4, 2007

Alcocebre 8h October 2007 (Peniscola)

This morning we had a leisurely start to the day and left for Peniscola at about 9.30. We had not had any breakfast as we had no managed to find anywhere that was open to be able to find some bread.

We have still not been able to get to the internet - the place at the resort continues to stay closed without any notice of when it may open - we suspect that most of this place actually closes down after 30th September !!!!! Most of the resorts we drove past tonight had no lights on so figure that once high season has come and gone, nobody actually comes here except those of us who don’t know that out of high season there is nothing open !.

Anyway, Peniscola was about 30-40 mins north of where we are staying. Luckily it was relatively small and so we were able to have a look around without too much trouble. They have a castle on the hill and an old quarter (just like most other towns we have been too) but not much else. It was nice to wander around for a couple of hours - and see the sights - especially on the beach ! While I in no way have a body to parade around in togs, some of the people we saw on the beach should probably not have even been on the beach never mind being topless on the beach !!!! Lots of laughs at the oogalie doogalies hanging around !!!!!

After getting back to the resort, Kaitlin and I went and lay by the pool for an hour and Al read his book at the unit - a nice relaxing way to pass some time. Then we checked to see if the internet cafĂ© was open again (it wasn’t) and then we went exploring again. The two explorers took up where they left off yesterday and today found shrimps, dead crabs and, just before we were about to leave a little octopus which gave us about ¾’s hr entertainment while they threw stones into the little rock pool where it was and watched it try to eat what had been thrown in !!!! Al managed to get some good photos of the octopus.

My stomach hasn’t been too wonderful today - still not happy with me eating anything so I have just had some mild sauced pasta for dinner and I am hoping that it will not leave too quickly !!!! We went into Alcocebre for dinner - walked around for a while before deciding on somewhere to eat only to sit down away from the smokers already there and a few minutes later have a table of smokers sit down next to us. I still get VERY annoyed with people who smoke in restaurants - said to them tonight we should boycott restaurants who allow smokers in them and only eat at those who don’t allow smokers in them - probably a little late in the holiday but we could still make a stand on it if we wanted to provided we could find somewhere else to eat given that not all places are open !!!

We haven’t had a chance to play cards the last couple of nights - Al has been watching the rugby and Kaitlin and I have been busy reading.

We were laughing today because there are quite a few old people who get around on bicycles here - without helmets and boy are they all over the show. I think that they are mainly tourists and not locals - maybe that is why they are all over the show. I am not sure that I would like to get around on a bicycle here given the way they drive - and especially without a helmet.

The other thing which made us laugh was when Kaitlin went into shoe shop and they gave her a plastic bag to put on her foot to try the shoes on. She was most indignant and wouldn’t use it until last night when we went into another shoe store and there were plastic bags and she accepted the inevitable and used it. Now she is mad that she didn’t use the plastic packet at the previous shop because she really liked the boots she wanted to try on !!!!!

I am not sure what we are going to be doing tomorrow but I have to say that I have enjoyed the last couple of days which have been a more leisurely pace without us dashing around and getting home feeling frazzled in the evenings. I can’t believe that in a couple of days time our holiday will be over - having said that we have had a fantastic time. It certainly has been a great experience and we have all learnt a lot - about a different country, a different culture and lots of other things along the way. Kaitlin has done a great job with her Spanish and Al has been absolutely fantastic with his driving - at this stage we have driven over 5 500kms in the car.

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