Thursday, October 11, 2007

Denia 1st October 2007

This morning was another lazy start to the day. After getting up and having breakfast Kaitlin worked on her legal assignment which is due when she gets back to school. She did manage to do some work on it in Malaga as well as in the car sometimes when we have been travelling.

After that we did another load of washing and hung that out on the balcony (mostly dry by tonight but we have put it in the laundry which has open bricks to the outside as there is a breeze coming through).

I read in the sun for a little while and Al went off to see if the Carrefour here was the same as the Carrefour in Taiwan - yes it is (in case anyone was wondering the same thing !!!) When he came back we had some lunch and then set off on our travels again. There were some coves and caves just a little further than we had gone yesterday but as I didn’t want to have to cross on the horrible mountain road again, I looked up a different route to get there. We passed a lot of ceramic shops and stopped to see if they had the numbers we wanted for the house - they did but we couldn’t remember which we had already bought so will probably make another trip there sometime soon - it is relatively close by so it won’t be a problem to get back there.

Over the last km or so to the coves and caves, we drove past the most amazing looking homes - but definitely not for me to live in - they would have fantastic views of the sea but they are all built back into the mountains - Al drove part of the last section with me having my eyes closed (again !!!).

We got down to the cove and Al went off to take some photos - Kaitlin and I stayed on dry land !!! Then we took some photos using the timer and the tripod which Dad and Mom had given us and walked around to the cave which actually didn’t look much like a cave at all. Al went off and took some more photos (he really is the photo king of the holiday and any photos without captions are ones that he has taken which I either think we shouldn’t keep or else he can’t remember what they are of !!!!!)

We stopped off and bought some dinner from the supermarket - paella - I really have enjoyed that dish which is strange as I am not a big rice fan. Kaitlin even had some and said it reminded her of Outward Bound - the chicken, rice and veggies all cooked together. I think we may have that again before we leave - especially as it only costs 3.50 euros !!!!!

After we got home we went down to the beach for a walk along the beach - it was getting dark (8.30pm) but there was such lovely colours in the sky we had to take some photos. Al did the timer thing again but then realised that you could only see our silhouettes so decided to have a candid camera photo with us trying to pose as a donkey - see photos for hilarious shots of our impression of a donkey !!!! After we got home, I cooked dinner and then sat down with Al to have a beer and a glass of Amarula - what a lovely evening we have had.

As we were walking along Al decided to skip some stones into the sea which is as flat as flat - as he was skipping them Kaitlin said “Remember when we skipped stones in NZ?” - THAT is what holiday memories are made of !!!!!!

We have just finished our paella - Kaitlin has had a bath and I am off to have a bath having just been ordered by the First Captain that it is time for me to bath !!!! (probably because he is waiting for me to bath so that he can bath and get into bed) Not sure where we are going to sleep tonight - last night we took the mattress from the fold out bed onto the floor but as it isn’t a very thick mattress it wasn’t that comfortable. Maybe tonight we will take the mattress off the upstairs bed and put that on the floor and see how we go. We have had really good weather - we are presuming that it gets very cold here during winter as all the houses have chimneys and there are two heaters in the unit - no air con unit - but two heaters !!!!

Tomorrow I think we are off to some markets and then will probably go through to Alicante one day with the possibility of a trip on a boat for another day - hopefully the good weather will continue and not spoil any of our plans.

Once again, 3 happy travellers will be going to bed tonight.

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