Friday, October 12, 2007

Denia 30th September 2007

We had a lazy day around the unit today - didn’t get up until about 9.30 and then had breakfast in bed at about 10am. The washing we did last night still wasn’t dry so we took it out to the front balcony in the hope that it would catch a breeze there or else maybe the afternoon sun.

The office was open from 12 - 2pm so we took a walk around the resort before going there - not open so we took a walk down to the beach. Kaitlin went and felt the water and said she thought it may be a little warmer than the pools at the resort. Then went back to the office which was open to get a double bed sheet for the fold out bed as they had supplied a single bed sheet. Also got a kettle for Al to make some coffee in the mornings.

Then Kaitlin and I spent 45 mins at the pool - no loungers so had to use the plastic chairs from our balcony - not the most comfortable way to sit and read !!! After that we came back to the unit and then went for a drive o Xabia - of course it had to be along a high windy mountain road - jeez I hate these mountains. It doesn’t matter where you go in Spain - there are mountains - well most places anyway and to me, it seems to be more often than not !!! We drove around there for a while before coming back to the unit to have a bit of a read before dinner.

Al thought he had seen a pub that had Sky TV so we went there to see if they were showing the SA / USA rugby union game - no such luck - they were showing pommie football !!!! And, they weren’t serving food - only drinks - so thought we would try somewhere else. We went to a place called Restaurant Vienna which we had seen earlier - they were advertising pizzas for 6 euros. We were in denim shorts, T-shirt / singlet and thongs and we walked into a really posh looking place with chair covers on and really flash centre pieces. Anyway, sat down and saw the menu - Al had pork cordon bleu, Kaitlin had spaghetti carbonara and I had grilled chicken breast with gratinated potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli - all extremely delicious. After we had finished eating Kaitlin said she thought we should go back there on our last night in Denia - and I think she may be right !!!!!

We came home and played some cards until it was time to go to bed - once again, 3 happy travellers off to sleep although I have to say that I am soooooooo looking forward to my own bed and pillow - this sharing one long pillow and the sheets with Al is for the birds !!!!!

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