Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Denia 3rd October 2007

Today we left at about 8.30 to go to Teulada and Benidorm to their markets. We found the market at Teulada without too much trouble - the main problem is trying to find a parking place and driving up and down the little windy (and one way) roads in an effort to get within walking distance of where we needed to be. We eventually found a parking (facing the wrong way up the street - most common over here) but did manage to keep all four wheels in the street - a lot of people park with two wheels on the pavement and two wheels on the street.

We didn’t see much at the market at Teulada and so set off for Benidorm - unfortunately Benidorm is much bigger than any of the towns / dorpies where we have seen previous markets and we were unable to find an Information Centre to ask where the markets were so we landed up walking up and down the main shopping drag. Kaitlin and I bought a pair of gypsy pants and I bought a new holiday wallet as my existing one has definitely seen better days. By this stage it was nearly 4pm and when we found an internet cafĂ© - it was closed for siesta. That seems to be our biggest problem at the moment - we have found a couple of internet places but we only seem to find them at siesta time !!!!

On our drive down I noticed that a lot of the hills / mountains in this area have been terraced - am not sure why as they don’t look like they are cultivating anything on the terraces - maybe it is to stop erosion - I don’t know. Anyway, the sides of the hills look amazing with all these terraces cut into them. Some of the houses really don’t look like they are well maintained - I have yet to see any gardens which look like anyone takes an interest in them and there are a gazillion houses which are built into the side of the mountains. Some of them have the most fantastic views over the ocean but there is no way I could live in a house built like that !!!! I had more heart stopping moments travelling along the road today - actually probably not heart stopping - more eye closing moments !!!!! I am really not comfortable with travelling at heights - I wish we could be somewhere a little lower.

We stopped at a heap of ceramic shops on the way home as we are looking for a number 3 for the house - we had bought one at Cordoba but then realised that it probably isn’t big enough but we did try to find a “No” (number) that we could put in front of the 3 but obviously the batch of tiles in Cordoba is different to the tiles here as the brown on the tile is darker on the tile we already have. Never mind - think what we will do is buy a bigger 3 and just see when we get home what we should do with the little 3.

As we left Benidorm we stopped at McDonald’s (McAuto if you want to go to the drive through - Burger King has AutoKing for their drive through !!!) for a McFlurry. Kaitlin ordered the 3 McFlurries for us and I think the guy serving her fancied her as he asked her which one was hers and then proceeded to give her extra toppings !!!! We paid her out big time for that !!

By the time we got home it was after 8pm and, as Kaitlin and I weren’t hungry and didn’t want any dinner - Al made do with some snacky things we had in the unit. I put a load of washing on and hung that out - am hoping it will be dry in the morning although not sure I will have any luck with that.

Another great day on the Morris holiday in Spain.

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