Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Malaga 25th September 2007

This morning we got up and went down to breakfast (hot and cold buffet for 6 euros) before heading to the Info Desk to pay for our tickets for La Alhambre (in Granada) on Thursday. After that we hit the bus stop to catch the bus into town for the Hop On Hop Off bus tour. We would have got there a little quicker if Kaitlin had actually asked the bus driver to tell us where to get off rather than deciding she knew without asking him and getting us off at the wrong stop and then having to wait to get on another bus going - not to the right stop - but taking us a lot closer than we were when we got off the first bus !

We got onto the bus at about 12 and our first hop off was at Castillo de Gibralfaro - great views of the city - we then got back on and hopped off at The Alcazabar and had a climb around there - have really tried to cut back on my eating as I am sure that I could be losing heaps with all the hill walking we are doing !!!! Mind you, drinking Coke instead of Coke Zero won’t be helping me any ! We went to the Picasso Museum - like the art work we saw at Prado Museum, I’m glad we went but really, I am sure that I could draw some pictures and you would be hard pressed to tell whether Picasso had done them or I had done them - even in his pictures of real people, his proportions weren’t that flash and of course with his abstract stuff, anything could be anything (pretty much like if I had done it !!!). But, once again, it was good to see and it is something that nobody can take away from me.

We wandered around the shopping boulevard for a while - Kaitlin finally found a Pull and Bear shop and bought a top which I am sure will keep her happy for a while !!! We walked past the Cathedral and a few other of the monuments before finding out where we had to go to catch the bus back to Benalmadena (the suburb of Malaga where we are staying). This trip takes about 45 - 60 mins but at least it was time we weren’t having to be walking somewhere !!! We got back to the unit and Kaitlin stayed behind to work on her legal assignment while Al and I went off to collect our washing - YAY some clean clothes to choose from in the morning. Then we picked up the most delicious pizzas for dinner and came back to the unit to eat. We dropped off another two loads of washing which will be ready on Thursday - in time for us to pick up before we leave for Alicante on Saturday morning.

It is extremely hot here - in Toledo it was 31 degrees at 7pm when we were there. The car was showing an outside temp of 41 when we went down yesterday mid morning - most days the temps are in the mid 30’s and at night, while it does cool down, we still need to run the aircon - although it doesn’t seem to make it around the corner into the bedroom where we are sleeping - am thinking about moving the mattresses onto the floor in the loungeroom tonight.

It is now time to bath and go to bed - tomorrow will be another big day for us with an early start in the morning. Seville is about 220kms north east of Malaga plus it takes us about 30-45 mins to navigate our way out of Benalmadena. We don’t want to be out too late tomorrow night as we have an early start on Thursday to Grenada.

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