Sunday, October 7, 2007

Denia 5th October 2007

This morning we had a leisurely get up and then went to the markets in Denia - they were useless - mostly 2nd hand stuff although it was good as in one respect as I was able to get a couple of books to read now that I have finished all the books we brought with us.

After a quick whip around those markets we left for the markets in Gata de Gorgos only to find when we got there that the markets were tomorrow and not today !! We hopped onto the toll road to get to Alfaz Del Pi and there the big markets were - except, within the first couple of stalls we found someone to braid our hair !!!!! We have been looking since we saw a whole bunch of people in Barcelona with braided hair but haven’t been successful until today - the only problem was that he told us it would take about 20 mins each and it landed up taking about 45 mins each so that put paid to having a look around the markets. Al had a look around and said that, while there were a lot of stalls, there were a lot of duplicate stalls - mainly selling copy cat handbags, T-shirts, flamenco dresses and undies.

We then walked along and had lunch at a lovely little place (bocadillos - baguettes with chicken / cheese / ham - but that is all you get - no mayo, butter, lettuce, tomato or anything else - just the chicken / cheese / ham !!!) before heading home via the scenic route again. We also took a detour through Els Poblets - the little place which is only one lane wide and has two lights to stop traffic at either end of town.

We decided to take a drive to the Carrefour at Gandia (about 30kms north of Denia) and had a wander around there. We got home at about 4pm and sat reading for a little while until Kaitlin said she would take us out to dinner at the ‘nice’ place !!! The Restaurant Vienna where we had had such a lovely dinner the second night we were there. So off we went - Alan and I had the chicken breast with vegetables and Kaitlin had the spaghetti carbonara again. After that we took a drive back to Gata as they had been putting up lights when we were there in the morning and we thought that they might have had night markets happening but they were still busy erecting the stalls and connecting the lights - they must need the lights for tomorrow night when we will be too far away to go back there.

After that we came home and literally rolled into bed - Kaitlin and I have really sore heads from the corn braids. We will pack and leave in the morning - too tired now.

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