Thursday, October 18, 2007

Malaga 24th September 2007 (Marbella - Ronda)

This morning we let Kaitlin sleep in as we thought we were only going to go spend the day in Malaga. Went downstairs to the Info Desk only to be told that the Picasso Museum was not open on a Monday. Plus we tried to book tickets to La Alhambre in Granada only to find that while we were deciding whether or not to have lunch on the tour, that the last tickets were sold - really annoyed about that but she said that we were top of the list for any cancellations and to check our phone for messages as they would phone if they managed to get 3 tickets for us. Got in from our day out to find a message saying they had 3 tickets for Thursday so we are off there on Thursday. After finding out that the Picasso Museum was closed on Mondays we had to have a chance of plan - off to Marbella and Ronda. So back up to the room - change out of socks and runners and into thongs and down to the car. It takes forever to navigate our way out of here as there are so many little windy, twisty roads with no road names and Gloria gets a little confused sometimes about how many exits a round about has !!!!

At least we had programmed the hotel address in so knew that we could get back from wherever we went. We drove into Marbella - couldn’t find the Info Kiosk I had asked Gloria to take us to but did drive past another one (too close to turn into) so managed to find a parking garage where we got 2 hrs free parking if we spent 12 euros at the shop, parked the car and walked back to the Info Centre. We got a map of Marbella and the lady showed us where the Old Quarter was as well as the very flash marina. We took a stroll around the Old Quarter - tiled and cobbled streets - wee little alleyways, very different architecture to what we have seen previously - more Mediterranean than other places. Quaint was the word that came to mind while walking around there.

We managed to get back to the parking garage without any problems - knew we were over our 2 hrs so hadn’t really hurried back - only to find that they charge over the 2 hrs by the minute - not if you are over you pay for the whole hour anyway.

From Marbella we headed into Ronda - this is a little town on top of a mountain - not my favourite place to be - driving up was bad enough so I swopped seats with Kaitlin on the trip down and just lay with my head on the seat until we got to the bottom of the road. Not sure what Gloria was thinking (or what road she thought we were on) but on the way up the two lane windy mountain road she told us to “Turn left” - we all called out words to the effect of “Not bloody likely !!!!!” and then had a laugh saying “Sometimes you just can’t believe everything she tells us to do” !!!!!!

Ronda has one of the most famous bull rings in Spain - Alan and Kaitlin did the tour - I wasn’t interested and so just lay on the grass and wanted outside for them. Again, a lot of old buildings with narrow alleyways and a bridge across from the old town. Al took photos of that - I wasn’t getting anywhere close to that.

Had a nice soak in the lovely long bath we have at the unit as my back and legs have really been giving me a bit of a hard time - not entirely uncalled for given how much walking we have done as well as how badly I am sleeping on the bed we have.

Tomorrow is another day - will probably do the tour around Malaga as we have to pay for our tickets between 10am - 6pm and we won’t make those times if we go to either Seville or Cordoba.

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