Saturday, October 6, 2007

Denia - Alcocebre 6th October 2007

This morning I woke up at about 7.15 and thought I really don’t want to get up and pack and move onto the next place !!!!!! Anyway, Kaitlin was awake and we called her up to our room - well she walked in and I just burst out laughing - she had a T-shirt on her head !!!! She looked just like an Indian Mary !!! I couldn’t stop laughing - she was lying next to me and everytime I opened my eyes, I started to laugh again. Eventually Al got up as we were making so much noise in bed next to him !!! So we all got up and carried the cases downstairs to repack them before loading the car up and taking off.

We didn’t have very far to travel today but it took us forever to get here - Gloria couldn’t see the roads we were on and when we got to Valencia, we thought we would get some maps from the Information Centre before heading off to Castellon (which is where we originally thought we were staying) - well, no such luck - after driving around and around and right past where Gloria said the Information Centre was and not being able to see it, we decided to head for Castellon. Unfortunately, the round abouts were a bit of a challenge - 6-8 lanes wide - everyone going in every direction - not knowing which exit we wanted to take - all very tiring for Al but we made it out in the end and headed off to Castellon. We didn’t have much more luck in Castellon - couldn’t find the Information Centre even though we followed their signs which seemed to peter out after about 4kms - we think it is a conspiracy not to help tourists in their city !!!!

We drove around there for quite a while - couldn’t even find the beaches as the signs also petered out after a couple of round abouts and when we looked at the terrain around us - we were nowhere near any beaches. So, once again, headed north in the hope of finding our resort before nightfall (all of about 150kms away from where we were this morning !!!). We finally arrived at about 3.45 and had to wait for the office to open at 4pm even though on the sheet we had the office was open from 9am - 9pm !! We were second in the queue for people arriving and were shown where our unit was and given an inventory form to check that everything was here. We checked and had some things missing plus the TV remote wasn’t working and the bathroom light didn’t work so back to reception to let them know so that they don’t charge us when we leave. On the way back to reception Kaitlin said she thought that they should call this place “No Fun Resort” as we had seen signs that said “No fishing (there are little ponds around the resort with fish in them), no skateboarding, no bicycles, no balls, no racquets, no lilos - basically nothing which would enable you to have fun in any way !!!! I had a good laugh at that. After that we jumped in the car and headed into town to see if we could find the Information Centre - we got there but that only opened at 5pm so waited around until she was open and got the local maps and book on what to do in the area. We will have to sit down tonight and decide what we want to do as we only have until Wednesday - as we leave here on Thursday to drive to Madrid for our early morning flight on Friday. Kaitlin has asked if we can have a lazy day on Wednesday but that will depend on what we want to do in the area and whether or not we have enough time.

My head has been fine today - Kaitlin said that hers was a little sore earlier. Mine did feel like it was getting burnt while I was trying to cross the multi-lane round abouts in Valencia while looking for the Information Centre !!!! But, it is sooooooooooo much cooler - it really is lovely and I would love to be able to have it like this for the whole of summer - if only it wasn’t quite so sore to get done and so expensive (as I am sure it would be in Australia) to get done on a regular basis. I tried to get Kaitlin to watch what the lady was doing while she was doing it but her fingers were so fast it was hard to work out exactly what she was doing. I am probably too old to have had it done but it has been good fun and we are getting used to seeing each other looking rather bald !!! Kaitlin wanted to know if we could ask them how much to do all three of us as we may have got them done every cheaper !!!!

We took a walk along part of the beach front and popped into a supermarket to buy some staples until Kaitlin saw a loaf of bread which was covered in mould so we put what we had back on the shelves and walked out - this means we have nothing for dinner tonight or breakfast tomorrow as we couldn’t find anything else which was open !!! After this Kaitlin found a tree in a playground which she thought she would like to climb. She got up the first part without and problem and then she wanted to go to the next fork in the tree so Al was busy helping her with that. It was so funny to watch - I took some photos - see them on the photos for the day. Then it was time for her to get down - well that was even funnier - Al was trying to make place for her to step with his hands and hold her feet in place - then eventually she sort of jumped into his arms and he went to put her down but it was onto stones and she asked him to lift her up and carry her around to where her thongs were - I was just cracking up watching them (and taking photos !!!!)

We saw that the pub in the resort advertised internet access so hopefully we will be able to get some time on the internet while we are here. This past week we have either found internet places during siesta time and they have been closed or we found one last night in Oliva but we couldn’t find any parking within walking distance.

While we were walking along the beach front this evening - Kaitlin decided she wanted to climb a tree. What a laugh - I took some photos of her coming down and Al helping her - hope they come out OK as they will provide many laughs in the years to come. Al also took some photos of our braids so if they get all messy and we have to take them out before we get home - at least everyone else can have a laugh at what we looked like with them in !!!!!

Al and Kaitlin have been watching some bull fights on the TV and I am sitting on the verandah with a glass of Amarula (my last glass as the bottle is now finished) typing the diary entry for today (and yesterday if the truth be told !!!). They are now watching table tennis and Kaitlin has just got the cards out so no doubt we will be playing cards shortly. It has been so much fun playing cards with her - she takes it so seriously and when she wins gets really excited - especially if she “blitzes” us which means we are left with more than 3 cards (we have been playing Rummy) - not that she wins very often and she feels that Alan and I conspire against her and make sure that one of us always wins !!!

I am sure that we will not be late tonight - although having said that it is already 7.30 and we are no closer to having dinner than we were at 5pm. The one thing we have found here is that we are eating quite late - not so much to fit in with the Spanish way of life - more so because we are busy and land up having a late lunch and then when Al wants to eat at 7pm - neither Kaitlin nor I are hungry.

Have been summoned to help look for the cards - oh no - what will we do if we have not packed them ?????

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